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Meet our Team

Dedication & commitment to our students, our team creates stars in the making.

Abigail Ada Desmond
Ballet & Contemporary


Embolding genuinity, diligence and open mindedness.

Abigail Ada Desmond first started Ballet at a young age of 4, obtaining certificates of honor under The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing(CSTD). She started extensive training in Contemporary at the age of 13 and continued to obtain a Diploma in Dance at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts where she received conservatory style training in Ballet and Contemporary. She has worked with renowned choreographers from Sweden, United States, Philippines, Korea and Singapore. After starting to teach at a young age, her experience spread out to teaching students Ballet from the young age of 4, all the way to Contemporary and Ballet open classes to adults above 35 years old.


She went on to pursue a semester of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary dance performance at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee and received a partial scholarship. She has received scholarships to Gibney Dance Winter study (New York), NVA & Guests Summer Intensive (New York), as well as SHIFT Dance Intensive (Singapore).

Abigail focuses on sharing knowledge on how to attain the right alignment that will allow one to maximize their physicality and elevate their performance quality to their individual best in a safe and positive space. With her deep interest in Contemporary, she encourages you to embrace the physical and intellectual play while being aware of the little details when moving your body through space. Find out how much more you can expand with the movement qualities and musicality that she offers. Building one’s connection to the ground, and opening up skeletal initiations and muscularity of the body efficiently. She emboldens you to be authentic, curious and empathetic. She believes that the value of diligence and open mindedness will bring the student and this artform endless possibilities.

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