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Meet our Team

Dedication & commitment to our students, our team creates stars in the making.

Clarisse Choo
Jazz & Tap


Connecting people through dance.

The interactive aspect of dance through the connections formed by people who embrace the art form is what Clarisse appreciates most about dance. Clarisse embarked on her dance journey at the age of 3 with Ballet, and over the years explored other genres such as Jazz, Tap and Contemporary, which elevated the experience of her dance journey, taking her exploration of movement and styling to greater heights. Her style and approach to this art form are greatly influenced by her spirit, which believes that the mind and body are connected as one and hold the power to exude and absorb energy from the surroundings.


Since 2018, Clarisse has been actively teaching, giving thorough guidance to young dancers in their dance journey, attentive to their varying needs and always enthusiastic to ensure that she has their best interests in mind and what they hope to achieve from dance. She attained her CSTD Modern Jazz Teaching Diploma and Tap Teaching Certificate in November 2020, as she sees a future in working with young dancers to see the wonders that dance can do for the soul. With a strong pull towards the performing arts, Clarisse also took GCE A Levels Theatre Studies and Drama, which she thoroughly enjoyed as she could incorporate movement into her theatrical performances and has seen an endless road of exploration in the performing arts.


Clarisse has also produced choreographic work for many dancers for local and international dance competitions that have received multiple awards. Her choreographic journey also extends to school performances during her time in the Anglo-Chinese Junior College Dance Society where she held the role of Dance Captain, where she was also responsible for maintaining and enhancing the technical standard of the club. She has since progressed to the commercial scene and is currently a freelance instructor at Converge Studios where she conducts open choreography classes under the Jazz/Contemporary faculty, where she also choreographed a piece for their 2022 recital.


With a strong belief that learning is a continuous process, striving for versatility, Clarisse is constantly attending masterclasses and engaging in short-term programs locally and internationally to gain as many insights as possible to expand her knowledge of dance. She hopes that this will also inspire her students to approach dance with an open mind and encourage dancers to embrace versatility.

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