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Meet our Team

Dedication & commitment to our students, our team creates stars in the making.

Laura Harris
Jazz & Tap


Sharing love for music and dance

Laura Harris, originally from Australia, began their dance journey at the age of 5 and quickly fell in love with the art form. From Classical Ballet to Jazz, Heels and Hip Hop, Laura’s diverse dance background has enriched her training styles and approach, allowing her to offer a well-rounded and inclusive experience for all students.


Laura started training in Jazz, Tap and Classical at the age of 5 and later on was introduced to Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics, Street Jazz, Heels and Hiphop. She has successfully competed in competitions across Australia and growing up, she has achieved many awards and championships. With Laura’s knowledge in the competition scene both locally and internationally, she has the skills to grow with the next generation of dancers to bring them to their highest potential.


Laura strives to always remain a student herself in order to be able to continuously better share her love of movement and music. She has since travelled Australia, The USA, Germany and Singapore to expand her training with well sought after choreographers and educators. Her insatiable curiosity and love for exploring new forms of movement have shaped her into a versatile and open-minded teacher. She believes that the journey of a dancer is a lifelong process, and emphasizes the importance of staying open to new techniques, styles, and cultural influences in the ever-evolving world of dance


Laura has prepared students across both Australia and Singapore for performances, competitions and examinations within Dance Schools, Schools, Arts Colleges and Workshops. Laura is dedicated to creating an encouraging environment for her students to learn the many benefits of dance that they can take with them into any space. She is a mentor who guides her students in setting and achieving their goals and believes in creating a community of learners who share a passion for dance and an eagerness to embrace new challenges together.


International Arts Festival 2023 - Outstanding Choreographer Award 


Theatrical Teaching Certificate CSTD, Australia 

Modern Jazz Teaching Certificate and Diploma CSTD, Australia

Tap Teaching Certificate and Diploma CSTD, Australia

Classical Teaching Certificate and Diploma CSTD, Australia

Advanced 2 RAD, UK

Dana Foglia Mentorship Program, USA   

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