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About Stellar School of Dance

Stellar School of Dance is Singapore’s up-and-coming premier dance school that is committed to providing professional dance training to passionate and aspiring young dancers. In order for dancers to explore, learn and excel, we provide an inspiring and nurturing environment to express their creativity and passion for the arts. With opportunities for all who adore the art of dance and would like to pursue dance (either as a professional or for leisure), we welcome you to join us! At Stellar, we believe that everyone can be a star!

Stellar School of Dance offers a complete dance training program with certifications from some of the world’s most reputable dance organisations – ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE (RAD) and INTERNATIONAL DANCE TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION (IDTA). 

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Our Mission

To provide a holistic and customized learning experience for every dancer that walks through our door. We commit to provide opportunities for recreational and vocational dancers to develop their craft and strive for excellence. Stellar aims to provide quality dance training to nurture and equip our students for life even beyond the classroom.


Our Vision

We want to pride ourselves as the preferred dance school for Beginners and Professionals alike. Let us embark on your dance journey with you!


Providing a holistic platform for aspiring dancers to explore different genres, we want to transform each individual into well-rounded and versatile dancers, trained to excel and adapt in various environments. Pushing both physical and mental boundaries, reach new heights that you would have never thought possible!

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Affiliated Dance Organizations:

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